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Glass Gobos

Glass Gobo is a template that can be inserted into certain lighting fixtures to project an image. This may contain a logo, words, symbols, patterns, texture, color, or a picture.

Gobos can be used with many types of lighting instruments. The most common are ellipsoidal and moving lights. Different fixtures utilize different gobo sizes. You may consult for assistance or ask a Our rep. to assist you any time.. 7 am to 11 pm

Gobo projections are perfect for reinforcing a theme or message, as well as branding and promoting. Or you can use textured patterned gobos to artistically change a space's look. Such as fire,sun,moon,stars,flowers,

To Create the Great look, Ambiance, Atmosphere mood by GOBO lighting with Scanners, MV, Lights.

Contact to Intelligent Lighting for How to Find the Best Lights.GOBOs for a Specific use. Here are some gobo examples. There are Hundreds more to choose from. in Designs,Logos,images,names,colours,Multicolour and b/w.

Metal Gobos

Metal GOBOs FOR....

New Designs, world class quality, & accurate in size.

Our gobos from your art work are Economical ,Heat Resistive,Perfect in size & long lasting. Pattern gobos are designed to fit the pattern holders of ellipsoidal spotlights or the gobo wheel of an fixture. Let us know which fixture you have when contact to us.

Metal gobos are the cheaper option, this is because they are made of a cheaper material and can more easily be mass produced. The drawbacks of metal gobos are, More content-Running Fonts-Fine lines-cross details can not be accomodated,Often Logos originalty...may get modified.


Gobos for Wedding

Dear Wedding planner,
Monogram lighting or Wedding “Gobos” can be an excellent way to pull together all of the design elements of your wedding or event. we the makers of Gobos, offer gobo projection for wedding logos, wedding monograms or corporate branding.

Wedding Monogram lighting is by far one of the most cost-effective and elegant ways to create a unique and inviting entertaining space, that creates a high impact focal point at your wedding reception.

The gobo lighting effect is created by projecting an image on a wall, ceiling or floor and is used to draw people’s attention to a wedding element.
give that “wow effect” to your wedding, event or any party, indoor or outdoor, in black & white or color, static or in motion.

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