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Gobos - Intelligent Lighting

What is Gobo

A gobo is a template that light shines through to project an image onto a surface. The term “gobo” is an acronym that stands for “GOes Before Optics.” Gobos are used in specialty gobo lights that are designed to shine through the gobo template and project the design from the template onto a surface.

Metal gobo

Are used most commonly in india and a cheper ,
easy to manufacture Rigid,
suitable for text and simple artwork projection.

Disadvantage -
Can not acomodate more content, Limitation to make exact replica ,Logos often gets modified, Fine details and lines are lost.
any content which has images or floting content can not be made. colors not possible in Gobos itself, Not fit for Sharpy / high beam lights


Glass Gobos

Advantages --
Good resolution, suitable for Logos, and Images . projecting color, gradients and more complex designs can accomodate more contents and fine lines . can be used for High power lights,and sharpy , Colour in Gobos possible .

fragile need beter handling, Manufactured by pricision equipments so expensive.

Gobo projections may get affected by many factors viz.
1.The temperature and intensity of the surrounding lights.
2.Environmental lighting
3.surface property & colour that the image is being projected upon
4.angle,distance of light from surface.

How big will the image be?

Image size is dependant on a number of things. None of which has much to do with the gobo it self.
It has to do with the beam spread of the lighting fixture you are using and how
far away you are from the projection surface.


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