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Gobo Projector

A gobo or monogram light is a great way for you to add impact to the room and space that your event is in. We now offer a rental option for gobo/monogram lighting that is cost effective, looks amazing, and allows you to feature this at your event.
We offer free transport both ways to anywhere in the Mumbai...Fastest turnaround !!

Customized Gobos

We'll work with you to incorporate your ideas into a design or take an existing design and transfer it into the format required to create a gobo. We can work with anything that you have, ideas, concepts, scanned images of designs you like, PowerPoint, you name it. We'll take your idea or concept and create a few different versions / Images that we will send you. You pick the one you like or we'll make adjustments until we have the design you're looking for. Once we have a design together we convert it into the proper format required to create a metal or glass gobo.


Gobo light for Demo / Rental

For our rental scheme, we use a specialized gobo projector that is light weight, bright, and can be used by placing on any flat, stable surface. It do not require table,operator,stand., We include a spare bulb, case, and all the instructions you need to project your gobo. The requirements from you is 230 volt point & a surface-wall-floor-to project Gobo..

Easy set up in less than 5 minutes
Everything you need to project your image (gobo, stand, cable, tape, carrying case)
Free shipping both ways (Mumbai)
Guidance regarding how to get the best projection in your event space
Access to our custom design library and/or converting existing artwork into a custom gobo.



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