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Welcome to Gobo Light !

Welcome to the world of Gobo lighting projection.
We are the finest gobo makers to theatre, film, television,exibition,events,shows, and architectural environments.
We make custom made gobos in metal gobos,BW glass gobos,colour gobos,no modification gobos,multicolour gobos...

Almost for every luminaire & for every Corporate logo,symbols,wedding monogrames ,designs,images,effects.

A gobo is a patterned template, made of metal,brass,copper,aluminium,film or glass, which is placed in a gobo holder in a focusing lantern to project an image onto a surface.These thin masks that are also placed in the Scanner,Moving head,profiles in order to shape the light beam, creating an endless variety of patterns.
Gobos enhance design by creating great visuals effects on walls, floors, backdrops and other scenic,architectural elements. They can even be used in place of scenery.

By gobo lighting you can write,paint,draw on the walls of building,halls,hotels,advertising boards & light can be given a spicific shape to illuminate your certain wall posters,photos, or on status.

The appearance of the image can be enhanced through the use of color filters, angle,prisoms,moving mirrors, rotation at different directions and rates to create an illusion of motion by the Intelligent light being used, allowing additional design flexibility and effects

Our Gobos are often used in weddings,festivals,arengetram,parties,conference,djs and corporate events to add a personal touch to the look of an event that Create Beauty, Elegance, and Unique-luxury look igniting your party Gobos are being used to show direction,notice,symbols,mood.

With company logos, the happy couple's names, or just about any artwork turned into a projected image the possibilities are endless.
Often stars,fire or water projected onto the ceiling to set a mood in the whole location.

If there is something special you can't find or if you have any other questions,info,queries,need guidence,Free demo of Gobo light please feel free to call /mail/text...to our experts.

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